Sonomama (2008-)

E-mail magazine for pregnant women. This website can be seen with every Japanese mobile phones, people can register to receive the magazine and see information for pregnant women via their own mobile phones. The number of users is 12,000+ in November 2011. Each pregnant woman receives one e-mail a day that matches her daily status, and each mother after giving birth receives e-mails at intervals. I developed the system entirely that includes a message processing program and an e-mail delivery program.

FlashBox (2004-2011)

Online newspaper for Flash animes. Users have been able to rate each Flash anime since this website opened. This website has 50,000+ Page Views a day in the latter half of 2004. However, video sharing websites such as Nico Nico Doga and YouTube took the place of online newspapers, so I decided to close this website in 2011. I developed the system entirely.

@links (2006-2008)

A service to moniter Web pages. It was selected for a candidate for Web of the Year 2006 in Yahoo! JAPAN. The crawler robot is aware of the intervals of updates for each page. As RSS readers become popular, the crawler has stopped. I developed the system entirely.

@flabo (2007-)

This is a Social Networking Service. Since 2007, a user had been able to set how to publish each post using a set of groups of members like Google+, and it has had a mini blog service influenced by Twitter. This service was intended to control many SNSs in one Web service. Though I developed the system entirely, the system has been replaced into a new system based on OpenPNE to save time to maintain.

Ikeda: Human - Nature Coexistence (2002-)

An official website of a conservation group Ikeda: Human - Nature Coexistence. It has a unique Wiki processor. For instance, each event will be moved if the schedule date is over. I developed the system entirely.

Module programs

iWord (Internal, 2009-)

iWord is an autolink program like Hatena Diary that marks every known word in a document. The program is written as a PHP module in C, and it is used in various services in @freaks. Furthermore, it is used for deciding whether to insert external advertisements. It keeps the dictionary on shared memory, so it does not need to communicate with another process though it reads the dictionary from a disk device once at the most.

ImoLog (Internal, 2007-)

ImoLog is a profiler for all the services in @freaks. It records various parameters such as CPU time consumption as an Apache module, and it provides statistics such as CPU load for each program and traffic for each user.